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Fine Dining Service in a Retail Enviroment

So what does “A Fine Dining Service in a Retail Environment” mean? At Johns Creek Wine & Crystal it means every customer should have their best retail experience EVER when they come to our shop. From greeting you upon arrival, to finding that hard to get wine you have been dying to try, to happily answering any question you might have….we will always have your best interest in mind when you walk into our Johns Creek store. This motto has many meanings for our team, but one that it doesn’t embrace is exorbitant pricing. Our shop will provide the best quality at every price range, whether it be a $7 bottle or a $500 bottle your looking for. It is our belief that an informed consumer is a loyal consumer, so we will make it our goal to educate our customers about the wines they are buying and why we chose them. Lastly we understand that wine is not served in a vacuum. In many, if not most cases it is served with food as an integral part of the meal. Our suggestions to customers will always be made with this in mind. Our staff has the knowledge, experience and training to help you grow your passion for all things wine. We look forward to seeing you soon. – The team at Johns Creek Wine & Crystal