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February 2016 Wine Club Selections

When you join our Half-Case Wine Club you will receive six bottles on the first of every month. You can choose all red, all white or half and half.  Your cost will be $100.00 per month. The wines will have a minimum retail value of $120.00 which means that you will receive a minimum 20% discount.

The wines which we select for the club will be chosen for their quality and value. There will never be odd-ball, rosé, sparkling or sweet wines. Each wine will be included because we feel that it merits selection individually although the retail prices will vary. This means that even though the wines will average over $19 each some will cost $12 and some will cost $30. Our goal is to give you a variety of quality wines each month that give you a chance to try new and good wines while not breaking the bank.

In addition to the wines there are other benefits:

  • With your wines you will receive detailed descriptions to help you better understand them. This is especially beneficial to those who are pursuing a deeper interest in wine. These descriptions will include food and wine pairing suggestions.
  • You will receive a 5% discount on crystal.
  • We will have special tastings just for the half-case club members.
  • When you come in to buy other bottles you will receive a 5% discount on those bottles up to case purchases. The normal case discount applies on all case purchases.

In order to join the club you just have to complete the form below. Your obligation is for one month only. You can cancel your membership at any time. Your wines will always be ready on the first of every month except on Sundays.

Click here to sign up for the Half-Case Wine Club (link will open a word document)

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